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Southeast Asia Instructors

Hillary Sites, Southeast Asia Program Director; Thailand, Himalaya and Mekong Semester Instructor

Allana Hearn, Cambodia Course Director, Morocco Instructor, Mekong and Himalayan Studies Semester Instructor

Brendan Carroll, Thailand Course Director

Caleb Brooks, Cambodia Course Director, Mekong and Indonesia Semester Instructor

Derek Shepard, Thailand Course Director, Himalaya and Mekong Semester Instructor

Gavin Turner, Indonesia Course Director, Himalaya Studies Semester Instructor

Jamie Woodall, Indonesia Course Director, Himalayan Studies Semester Instructor

Jessica Olney, Burma/Myanmar Course Director

Justin Kiersky Laos Course Director, China Internship Course Director, Mekong Semester Instructor

Katy Dybwad, Burma/Myanmar Course Director; Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam Instructor

Kara Wong, Burma/Myanmar Course Director

Mandy Hammond, Thailand Course Director

Sarah Galvin, Cambodia Course Director, Mekong Semester Instructor

Sarah Byrden, Indonesia Course Director, Sikkim and Indonesia Semester Instructor

Stewart Motta, Burma/Myanmar Course Director, China Course Director, Mekong, Indonesia and India Semester Instructor

Adrian Smith,  Sikkim, Indian Himalaya, Visions of India Semester, Himalayan Studies Semester Instructor, Burma/Myanmar Instructor

Anna McKeon, Cambodia Instructor

Annelies Hamerlinck, Indonesia and Peru Instructor

Ben Brown, Indonesia Semester Instructor

Catherine McNally, Cambodia and Mekong Semester Instructor

Chloe Hall, Indonesia Instructor

Cho Choch, Cambodia Instructor

Chrissy Megariotis, Indonesia Semester Instructor

Claire Bennett, Cambodia and Nepal Educator Instructor, Himalaya Semester Instructor

Daniela Papi, Cambodia Educator Instructor

Diego Merino, Indonesia Semester Instructor

Emilie Kirk,  Laos Instructor

Gavin Wisdom, Myanmar Instructor

Jamie Persons, Rwanda Course Director, Thailand and Morocco Instructor

Jen Palmer, Indonesia Semester Instructor

Jeff Halvorson, Indonesia and Guatemala Instructor

Jessica Miller, Cambodia Instructor

Jon Morris, Thailand and Cambodia Instructor

Josh Morris, Thailand and Cambodia Instructor

Katie Hagel, North India Course Director, Indonesia Summer/Semester and China Semester Instructor

Katie Loebner, Indonesia Semester Instructor

Leah Blazek, Thailand Instructor

Leonardo “Naldo” Sahuburua, Indonesia Summer/Semester Instructor

Lotte Mulder, Thailand and Indonesia Instructor

Mara Pho, Cambodia Instructor

Maryann Bylander, Cambodia Educator Course

Matthew Colaciello, North India Summer Course Director, India and Indonesia Semester Instructor

Megan Wolf, Thailand Instructor

Michael Woodard, Cambodia and Mekong Semester Instructor

Michael Paller, Thailand Instructor

Michelle Morin, Cambodia Educator Instructor

Nate Marcus, Himalayan Studies, Visions of India, Middle East, Indonesia, Mekong Semester Instructor, Guatemala, Peru Summer Instructor

Nay Lin Htike, Burma/Myanmar Instructor

Parker Pflaum, China Comprehensive Course Director, China Language Instructor, Visions of India, Mekong, and China Semester Instructor

Paul Dreyer, Indonesia, Morocco, and Himalaya Semester Instructor

Rachael Bonaiuto, Thailand Instructor

Rita Sri Suwantari, Indonesia Instructor

Saw Min Maw, Burma/Myanmar Intern Instructor

Somsanid Inthongsai, Laos Instructor, Mekong Semester Instructor

Siriporn (Pui) Klapthung, Thailand Instructor

Tim Patterson, Cambodia and Mekong Semester Instructor

Tien Truong, Vietnam and Burma/Myanmar Instructor

Thavry Thon, Cambodia Instructor

Yut Chhon, Cambodia Educator Course