where there be dragons

Director’s Note

cross cultural education - chris yager

Dragons’ Director Chris Yager, with wife Alison

Organizations involved in cross-cultural education concern themselves with two primary objectives: access and engagement. The question every prospective participant should ask is, “how will a company provide an authentic experience, and how will a company facilitate meaningful hands-on engagement?”

Dragons is a professional guiding company. With small groups of ten to twelve students, we maintain a student-to-instructor ratio that averages 4:1. From itinerary design to in-field logistics, risk mitigation and emergency response, we manage all aspects of our students’ experience. And we do so by working with our guides at-center. Building on our guides’ personal in-country contacts, academic knowledge, and in-country work experience, we provide our groups unparalleled access to the country’s people, natural environments, and sites of cultural achievement, social import, and intellectual and creative apogee.

To engage students as deeply as possible, we facilitate nine experiential program components. Additionally, Dragons’ courses follow a curriculum of skill-building, practicing and expedition in which students are challenged to develop and field-test leadership skills. We guide students through engagements in which they explore their personal relationships with the social, natural, creative and physical worlds through which they travel.

Experiential cross-cultural education and overseas programming are by their very nature fun and active experiences. Done well, they have the capacity to cultivate Global Citizenship, Leadership and Self-Exploration. Welcome to Dragons. We think we do this work better than anyone else. If you’re an educator, a student, or a parent of a student, and you have questions regarding the lessons we’ve learned and the systems and organization that we have developed over our twenty-one year history, please call me. I would love to hear from you.

Chris Yager
Founder/Executive Director
303-413-0822, ext 11